Using CitectSCADA > Defining and Drawing Graphics Pages > Creating a New Graphics Page > Use Template (new page/template) dialog box

Use Template (new page/template) dialog box

This dialog box lets you create a new page or template based on an existing template.


A table of templates on which you can base the new page or template. Use the scroll bar to locate the thumbnail image of the template, then choose the template and click OK (or double-click the thumbnail image).

Note: To edit the template, select it and click Edit


The style of the page. CitectSCADA templates are grouped into several styles and are available in various page resolutions. When you create a new project, you can choose the style that most suits your taste and application. For details of each style, refer to the "Presenting CitectSCADA " booklet, supplied with your CitectSCADA system.


To maintain the link with the original template, select this check box. A page or template that is linked with its original template is automatically updated if the template is changed.

Note: You can cut the link to the template at any time with the Cut Link command from the Edit menu, but you cannot re-link a page or template with its original template after the link has been cut.

Title bar

Determines whether to display the Windows title bar (at the top of each graphics page). The title bar contains the title of the window, maximize, minimize and close buttons (at the right hand end of the title bar), and the control menu button (at the left hand end of the title bar). To display a page in fullscreen (without a title bar), the size of the page needs to be the same size as the display (or larger). If the page is smaller than the display, the title bar still displays, even if fullscreen mode is enabled. Standard templates styles are available for both page sizes.


The screen resolution of the page or template:

Screen Type

Width (pixels)

Height (pixels)


Width of the screen on the computer currently in use

Height of the screen on the computer currently in use














User-defined size

User-defined size