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User records and project restoration

For those users not using windows authenticated security if you restore a project from a backup, or install a new project from a compiled offline master, the user records are reset to match those originally configured in the project. If the runtime user creation, password change ability, or password expiry functions are used, the runtime details might be thrown out of synchronization with master offline projects.

Here, you need to have procedures in place to use the current Users.dbf file (which is running live in the plant) when offline project compilations are performed. This minimizes the likelihood of either deleting users created at runtime, or of having expired user records locked when a new system is deployed and run up.

Note: Online changes arising from user creations and modifications are reflected only in the local _Users.rdb and Users.dbf files. Perform user administration activities on a central node so that user records remain synchronized across a distributed network. Other nodes will use the Copy= functionality in CitectSCADA or custom engineered database replication.

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