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Using arrays

An array is a collection of variables (all of the same data type) that are stored in consecutive memory registers in your I/O Device. Numeric arrays are useful when you have separate devices (or processes) performing similar functions. You can program the I/O Device to store, in consecutive memory registers, variables that relate to each of these processes, for example:

Here, five consecutive variables (V500, V501, V502, V503, and V504) store the conveyor speed of five conveyors (1 to 5). Instead of configuring five separate variable tags (one for each conveyor), you can configure a single tag, as an array.

To specify a single variable tag for an array, define the first address and add the size of the array (the number of consecutive addresses) to the register address, for example:

Variable Tag Name




Here, five register addresses are referred to by the variable tag Conveyor_Speed.