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Using custom alarm filters

You can define keywords for your alarm tags that you can then use to perform customized queries on your alarm data.

The Alarm Properties dialog allows you to define up to eight custom filters for each of the alarms in your system, allowing you to generate queries that filter your alarm data for specific information.

For example, you will want to prioritize any alarms that monitor equipment and conditions with the potential to cause a fire. You could set Custom Filter 1 for each relevant tag to "fire hazard". You could then call a Cicode function that requests alarms with a "custom filter 1" field equal to "fire hazard". The end result would be a list of alarms notifying an operator of any potentially flammable circumstances.

You could also set aside Custom Filter 2 to define the type of equipment the alarm is associated with, and label each alarm accordingly (for example "pump", "conveyor", etc.). Queries could then be created to list the alarms related to a particular type of machinery; for example, alarms associated with pumps.