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Using DDE Trusted Shares

When a network DDE Client user connects to a network DDE Share from a remote computer, Network DDE accepts the request only if both:

To link to the CitectSCADA tag database, and permit write actions from an external application using Network DDE, the DDE Client computer needs to be granted appropriate Trusted status.

To create a trusted share:

  1. On the DDE Shares dialog, highlight the new 'Citect$' share entry, and click Trust Share to display the Trusted Share Properties dialog box.
  2. Check Initiate to Application Enable to allow new connections to the DDE share.
  3. Click OK.

To view the trusted shares:

  1. In the DDESHARE utility double-click the right icon (with the check mark) to display the DDE Trusted Shares dialog.
  2. The DDE Trusted Shares dialog lists the DDE shares that are trusted in the current user's context. You can view and modify trusted share properties and remove DDE shares from the list of trusted shares.
  3. Once setup is completed, close the DDE Share utility dialog box.