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Using Object View

The table describes how to perform basic functions with Object View.



Toggle the display of Object View on or off

Click Toggle Object View on the main toolbar.

Change the size of Object View

Drag the splitter bar that is located between the chart area and the Object View up or down.

Expand or collapse a tree node in the Object Tree column

Either click the (+) box to expand the node or the (-) box to collapse the node; or double-click the item to toggle between expanded and collapsed states. This does not affect the display of panes in the chart.

Select a pen

Click the pen in the Object View table. Selecting a pen in the Object View gives the focus in the chart to the selected pen, and vice versa. You can only select one pen per pane at a time (you cannot select a pane).

Display or hide a pen

Click to clear the check box to hide the pen; click the check box again to display the pen.

Dynamically change the width of a column during display

Drag the column divider left or right.

Note: You can quickly resize a column to fit the size of the widest item in a column by double-clicking a column separator. To resize the column back to its original size, double-click the separator again. You can also configure the width of a column via the Process Analyst Properties dialog; for details, see Configuring the Object View.

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