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Using the results list

As matches are found they are listed the results list. The results list shows an overview of items that match the string entered in the search.

The results list can display a maximum of 200 results per page, sorted by project and then item (you cannot change the sort order). The results list contains the following columns:

Column Description


The name of the project in which the found text occurs.


Depends on the type of document in which the item occurs. If the document type is a:

Database - User-friendly name of the database.

Page - Name of the page.

Cicode/VBA - Name and path of the Cicode/VBA file.

Report - Name of the report.


Identifies that portion of the document/database in which the found item occurs in. For example, if the found item appears in a database, this refers to the column name in the database. Be aware that the search covers both expression/command as well as numeric properties.


Shows the specific record number, AN, or line number on which the found item occurs within the document/database.


An example of the context in which the found item occurs within the project. For example, if the document type is a:

Database - a search result of BIT* might have a context of BIT_!.

Page - BIT* might have a context of Toggle(BIT_!)

Cicode/VBA - UserName might have a context of FUNCTION GetUserName()

Report - PUMP* might have a context of @(Pump A)

If the number of results returned exceeds 200 items, use the First, Previous, Next, and Last buttons to navigate your results in groups of 200 results.

You can toggle between the Find and Replace functionality without losing the search results, but if you close the Results page, your search results are lost.

Note: You can resize list columns by moving your mouse cursor onto the separator between the list columns. When the mouse cursor changes shape to a black bar with arrows, drag the column to the new size. You can also double-click the vertical bar between fields to resize that field to fit the widest item.