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Viewing areas of the plant

You might need to provide a user access to information from other areas of the plant even though you do not want that user to control any of the processes within those areas. For example, the user may need to monitor the processes in one area as they might directly affect another area.

In the following example, John Smith has been assigned the role of Despatch Handler and as such has been granted control of:

User Name

J Smith

Global Privilege

Viewable Areas


Areas for Priv 1


Areas for Priv 2


Areas for Priv 3


Areas for Priv 4


Areas for Priv 5

Areas for Priv 6


Areas for Priv 7


Areas for Priv 8



Login for John

Alternatively, you could restrict users access to a group of areas (for example, "Receivals") or to a single area (for example, 12).