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Web-based Help

The wide spread use of the Internet to distribute information has now enabled Schneider Electric (Australia) Pty. Ltd. to introduce that technology, to bring its users a new rich and expanded format to deliver its help information.

The traditional on-line help, now referred to in CitectSCADA as PC-based Help, is still available to provide immediate information which is related to the task at hand. If you are a registered Technical Support customer you have the option of accessing the new Web-based Help to provide the very latest information, which will include updates for help topics to include the improvements to the software application introduced by Service Packs.

Updates will also be included from enhancement to the help topics brought about by user comments and general internal developments by the Schneider Electric (Australia) Pty. Ltd. Technical Publications team.

You will also be able to "rate" individual help topics with a star rating, and add your own comments to any help topics. Your comments and topic ratings will be retained in our database and we will endeavor to incorporate your contributions in our ongoing development of the quality of our documentation.

The future development of Web-based help will also include links to technical documentation in the form of:

The Web-based help is planned for release by the end of December 2010. So, please check on its availability periodically with following the link