AS-interface functions

The following functions enable special operation on AS-i networks:

ASiReadPP      read permanent parameters of an AS-i slave
  write permanent parameters of an AS-i slave
send parameters to an AS-i slave
read actual parameters of an AS-i slave
  store actual parameters as permanent parameters

Important notes

  • AS-i networking may be not available on some targets. Please refer to OEM instructions for further details about available features.


Params := ASiReadPP (Master, Slave);
bOK := ASiWritePP (Master, Slave, Params);
bOK := ASiSendParam (Master, Slave, Params);
Params := ASiReadPI (Master, Slave);
bOK := ASiStorePI (Master);


Master : DINT Index of the AS-i master (1..N) such as shown in configuration
Slave : DINT  Address of the AS-i slave (1..32 / 33..63)
Params : DINT Value of AS-i parameters
bOK : BOOL    TRUE if successful