The Workbench includes in standard many features and a rich collection of functions and function blocks. Depending on the runtime configuration, some features or blocks may not be available. You can select a configuration in order to highlight in the Workbench the features not supported by the runtime.

Run the "Project / Configuration"  menu command to select a configuration

The list of possible configurations is displayed. The "<Default>" choice indicates that no special constraint must be hilighted

Press "OK" to select a configuration. If your OEM provides you with a configuration file (.CFG) that describes its runtime system, you can add it to the list by pression the "Import" button.

If your runtime system is connected, you can directly load its configuration by pressing the "Upload" button.

When a configuration is selected in the list, other tabs of the configuration selection box show:

- the identification of the runtime system
- supported data types
- supported functions and FBs of the standard libraries
- additional OEM specific functions and FBs

When you have selected a configuration, the Workbench:

- hilights in red any calls to unsupported blocks
- hilights in red unsupported items in the list of blocks
- reports some warning messages at compiling when unsupported blocks are called.