Function - Returns the number of items in an array


ARR : ANY  Declared array


Q : DINT   Total number of items in the array


The input must be an array and can have any data type. This function is particularly useful to avoid writing directly the actual size of an array in a program, and thus keep the program independent from the declaration. Example:

   FOR i := 1 TO CountOf (MyArray) DO
      MyArray[i-1] := 0;

In LD language, the operation is executed only if the input rung (EN) is TRUE. The output rung (ENO) keeps the same value as the input rung.


array return
Arr1 [ 0..9 ] 10
Arr2 [ 0..4 , 0..9 ] 50

ST Language

Q := CountOf (ARR);

FBD Language

LD Language

(* The function is executed only if EN is TRUE *)
(* ENO keeps the same value as EN *)

IL Language

Not available