Project settings - On Line Change

This box enables you to select the main options for the management of On Line change. Please refer to the description of On Line change capabilities for further details about this feature.

This box allows you to enable or disable the On Line change feature. When On Line Change is enabled, in order to allow the declaration of new variables and blocks, you have to define the amount of memory to be allocated in the target for each type of data. This includes:

- The number of variable for each type (8, 16, 32 or 64 bits, character strings)
- The number of function block instances
- The amount of memory for storing character strings
- The amount of memory for private data of function block instances
- The amount of variables published (with embedded symbol or profile)
- The sizing of extra segment for storing complex variables

To setup a value, select the corresponding item in the list, select the "Value" option, enter a new number in the "Value" box and press the "Set" button. You can select several items in the list for assigning the value to any selected items.

If your project has been built, the box shows you in the list the size actually used by the application according to the last build. A progress bar shows you the percentage of used space for each item. In addition, instead of entering an absolute value, you may select to enter a "free margin" to add the used space.

Important notes

  • The "Used" numbers displayed in the box may be obsolete if you entered changes in your project since the last build.
  • The used space indicated for FB instance data is an approximative value based on an evaluation performed by the simulator. This may omit some runtime specific function blocks. So the size actually used on your runtime system may be greater.