Project settings - Debug

This box enables you to select the main options applied when simulating or debugging the runtime application.


If you select the "Always start simlator in Cold Start mode", then the box normally opened when running the simulator for starting mode selection is not displayed.

This option applies to any project.

Connected to the runtime

These options enables you to impose some prompt messages for a user confirmation in most sensitive debug commands:

- stop the runtime application
- download application code
- On Line change

These options apply to any project.

When starting the runtime

These options allow you to select which kind of starting mode should be proposed to the user per default when starting the runtime application. Note that the user will still be allowed to change the starting mode in the box.

Communication parameters

Here you can select the way communication parameters are set:

- Use current settings: check this option for always starting communication with the latest selected parameters.

- Always use: alternatively, you can enter here the communication parameters that should be used for this project.