Project settings

This box enables you to define main parameters for building and running the runtime application.


You must specify the kind of T5 runtime installed in your target system. It can be:

- T5RTI: standard T5 runtime for little endian processors (Intel like byte ordering)
- T5RTM: standard T5 runtime for big endian processors (Motorola like byte ordering)
- Custom

To define the settings of a custom runtime, press the "Advanced" button.

Code generation

If you want step by step debugging to be available during simulation or On Line test, you need to select the "DEBUG" compiling mode. If step by step debugging is no more required, you should select the "RELEASE" compiling mode in order to give highest performance to the runtime application.

Execution mode

You must specify in this box how the cycles must be triggered at run-time:

- as fast as possible: the target does not wait between two cycles. The target simply runs as fast as possible
- triggered: you must specify the duration of a cycle, expressed as a number of micro-seconds. Refer to OEM instructions for explanations of the supported accuracy for the cycle timing of your target system.

External objects

The workbench enables you to use in a projects some objects defined in other projects, such as UDFBs. This provides an easy way to manage libraries of IEC written function blocks that can be re-used in various projects. In addition to this feature, the workbench provides an easy way to safely handle externally defined objects in the local project.

Press the "Edit" button to manage external objects used in your project.

Other options

Press the "Advanced" button to view more parameters and options for advanced settings.