Program properties

This box enables you to define the properties of a program or function block. Refer to the description of Program Organization Units (POU) for further description of different kings of POUs.

A program is identified by a unique name and a single line description text. The name of a program should begin by a letter or an underscore ("_") mark, followed by letters, digits or underscore marks. It is not allowed to put two consecutive underscores within a name. Naming is case insensitive. Two names with different cases are considered as the same.

When you create a new POU, you have to select its programming language. The programming language cannot be changed later.

Then you must choose a execution style for the POU:

- Main program (called in the cycle)
- Sub-program (explicitely called by other programs)
- UDFB (User Defined Function Block)
- Child SFC program (activated by its parent SFC program)

For a CHILD SFC program, you have to select its parent SFC program. This parent can be changed later.