Program properties - Input/output parameters

From the "Program Properties" wizard, you can easily define and arrange input and output parameters of a UDFB or sub-program.

The wizard shows you 2 lists of parameters, for inputs and outputs. Each parameter has a name, a data type and a dimension, plus a text description. Use the following commands in the wizard:

"Edit" : Press this button for changing the definition of the selected parameter. Pressing this button when the last line (...) of the list is selected enables you to add a new parameter.

"Delete" : Press this button to remove the selected parameter.

"Move Up / Down" : Press these buttons to move the selected parameter in the list and thus arrange the order of parameters. The order has a strong importance as it defines the calling prototype of the UDFB or sub-program.


Input/output parameters can also be entered diretly in the variable editor.