Project settings - Target

This box enables you to select the kind of T5 runtime installed in your target system.


You must specify the kind of T5 runtime installed in your system. It can be:

- T5RTI: standard T5 runtime for little endian processors (Intel like byte ordering)
- T5RTM: standard T5 runtime for big endian processors (Motorola like byte ordering)
- Custom

If you select a standard T5RTI or T5RTM runtime, all other settings available in this box are imposed. If you are using a "Custom" runtime, please refer to your OEM instructions for filling other parameters.


A target is identified by a name. This name will be included in the built code and checked at runtime. In addition, you must specify the suffix of the file generated at build time that contains the downloaded code. Download is not possible if the suffix entered here does not match the one expected by the runtime.


You must specify in this box the byte ordering convention of the runtime processor:

- little endian (Intel like byte ordering)
- big endian (Motorola like byte ordering)


Select the "Custom" choice if your runtime system works with a specific p-code instruction set.