DNP3 Slaveconfiguration

The workbench includes an integrated configurator for the DNP3 slave protocol. Please refer to the following topics:

Port configuration
Variables configuration
Data types

Port configuration:

To establish the communication, run the Fieldbus configuration using "Tools / Fieldbus Configuration" menu command from the main window. Then select the "DNP3 Slave" configuration.

The configuration is represented as a single item in the configuration tree:

- DNP3 Slave configuration

You must specify the following properties:

Source ID

Source identifier (slave)

Destination ID

Destination identifier (master)

Port settings

Settings string of the COM port


Communication baud rate

Log errors

If checked, error messages are sent to the Workbench

Log warnings

If checked, warning messages are sent to the Workbench

Variables configuration

Exchanged variables are not described in the fieldbus configuration, but using "profiles". To map a variable to the DNP3 slave protocol, edit its properties using the "Properties" command of the contextual menu in the variable editor, and then select the "DNP3S" profile. Then you must specify the following properties for the variable:

Type DNP3 type identifier
PointNum DNP3 point number

Data types:

You can freely map a variable of any data type to the configuration. The runtime automatically converts the value to the type of the variable.