Moving or copying FBD objects

Press this button or press ESCAPE before selecting objects.

The FBD editor fully supports drag and drop for moving or copying objects. To move objects, select them and simply drag them to the wished position.

To copy objects, you may do the same, and just press the CONTROL key while dragging. It is also possible to drag pieces of diagrams from a program to another if both are open and visible on the screen.

At any moment while dragging objects you can press ESCAPE to cancel the operation.

Alternatively, you can use classical Copy / Cut / Paste commands from the Edit menu. When you run the Paste command, the editors turns in “Paste” mode, with a special mouse cursor. Click in the diagram and move the mouse cursor to the wished position for inserting pasted objects.

Using the keyboard

When graphic objects are selected, you can move them in the diagram by hitting the following keys:

Shift + Up Move to the top
Shift + Down Move to the bottom
Shift + Left Move to left
Shift + Right Move to right

When an object is selected, you can extend the selection by hitting the following keys:

Shift + Control + Home Extend to the top: select all objects before the selected one
Shift + Control + End Extend to the bottom: select all objects after the selected one

To insert or delete space in the diagram, you can simply select an object, press Shift+Control+End to extend the selection and then move selected objects up or down

Auto alignment

When objects are selected, the following keystrokes automatically align them:

Control + Up To the top
Control + Down To the bottom
Control + Left To left
Control + Right To right