Function - Increase a numerical variable


IN : ANY  Numerical variable (increased after call)


Q : ANY   Increased value


When the function is called, the variable connected to the "IN" input is increased and copied to Q. All data types are supported except BOOL and STRING: for these types, the output is the copy of IN.

For real values, variable is increased by "1.0". For time values, variable is increased by 1ms.

The IN input must be directly connected to a variable, and cannot be a constant or complex expression.

This function is particularly designed for ST language. It allows simplified writing as assigning the result of the function is not mandatory.

ST Language

IN := 1;
Q := INC (IN);
(* now: IN = 2 ; Q = 2 *)

INC (IN); (* simplified call *)

FBD Language

LD Language

IL Language

not available