Interbus S for Phoenix Contact Hardware

The runtime includes a fully integrated Interbus driver to read and write to Interbus I/Os with your application. Please refer to the following topics in that page for detailed information on how to use and configure the Interbus communication:

Protocol specification
Data exchange
Data types

Protocol specification:

The system supports the Interbus card "IBS PCI SC/I-T" from Phoenix Contact. The configuration of the card and of the connected Interbus network has to be done with the software "IBS CMD G4" from Phoenix Contact. After that you can describe the network in the Fieldbus Configurator with data blocks and variables.

Data exchange - configuration:

The Runtime manages an intermediate variable map representing the Interbus inputs and outputs. A dedicated configuration tool is integrated in the Workbench. Run it using the "Tools / Fieldbus Configuration" menu command from the main window. Select the "I/O Drivers" tab and click "Edit / Insert Configuration..."

Choose "Interbus S" in the window.

The configuration is represented as a tree:

- Interbus-S configuration
  - PC Board(*)
    - Name(*)
      - Variable (*)

(*) The items with this mark can appear several times in the configuration.


You have to configure the Interbus network in order to connect Interbus I/Os to variables.

Use the "Edit / Insert Master/Port..." command to declare a Interbus master.

Keep the master selected to insert Interbus slaves with "Edit / Insert Slave/Data block...".

Additionally each slave can be identified through a free definable name which is shown in the configuration tree.

In the next step you have to map the variables to the Interbus data. Use the "Edit / Insert variables..." menu command to insert a variable to the selected slave.

At each time you can use the menu command "Edit / Sort symbols" to sort the variables of one data block in the order of the offset.

Data types:

You can freely map a variable of the data types BOOL and 8/16/32 bit INTEGER to an I/O. The runtime automatically converts the value to the type of the variable. REAL, LREAL, LINT, TIME and STRING variables are not supported.