Use of ST expressions in graphic language

The workbench enables any complex ST expression to be associated with a graphic element in either LD or FBD language. This feature makes possible to simplify LD and FBD diagrams when some trivial calculation has to be entered. It also enables you to use graphic features for representing a main algorithm as text is used for details of implementation.

Expression must be written in ST language. An expression is anything you can imagine between parenthesis in a ST program. Obviously the ST expression must fit the data type required by the diagram (e.g. an expression put on a contact must be boolean).

FBD language:

A complex ST expression can be entered in any "variable box" of a FBD diagram, if the box is not connected on its input. Below is an example:

LD language:

A complex ST expression can be entered on any kind of contact, and on any input of a function or function block. Below is an example: