The output window

Use the commands of the "View" menu to show or hide the Output Window.

Runtime messages

The Log window displays all run time messages emitted by the target or by the simulator when testing the application. Messages are stored even if the Log window is not open, so it is not useful to keep it always open.

During step by step debugging, the Log Window also shows the current call stack and the list of installed breakpoints.

Project history

Select the "History" tab to display a listing where are logged all modifications and operations performed in the project. You must check the "Edit / Activate History" menu option for enabling the logging of modifications. Use the "Edit / Settings" menu command to setup the maximum number of logged events, and select the kinds of events you want to log.

Digital Sampling Trace

The runtime system as the simulator include a digital sampling trace recorder. Refer to the description of the sampling trace for further details.


This tab enables you to debug in "prompt" console-like mode.