Safety build options

The compiler and debugger includes several options that enable you to increase the safety of your runtime applications. Such options are selected from the "Enhanced" tab of the "Compiling Options" dialog box:

Check array bounds at runtime

When this option, is checked, the compiler automatically include extra instructions in the application code so that bounds are checked before reading or writing any array item. It is highly recommended to check this option during the development and validation of your applications.

Unchecking this option allows to decrease the application code size and leads to higher runtime performance.

Check safety of SFC charts

As an option, the compiler may check the safety of all SFC charts at compiling time. This enables the detection of posssible unsafe or blosking situations due to the form of the SFC chart. Below are some examples of such situations.

Possible unsafe situation:
As there is no "AND" convergence, several steps (such as 1 and 2) may be active at the same time.
Possible blocking situation:
As either transition 1 or 101 is crossed, the transition 2 can never be crossed.

Note: the compiler just provides warning messages when checking SFC charts. You always keep the possibility to run your application even if unsafe situations are reported.