T5 Registry management functions

The "T5 Registry" enables you to design and monitor remotely a hierarchical registry of parameters. Parameters can be set apart from the Workbench, and can also be read or written from the IEC program.

The following functions are available:

RegParGet Get the current value of a parameter
RegParPut Change the value of a parameter

Parameter pathnames

Any parameter is specified by a full qualified pathname that gives its exact location in the registry. The "/" separator is used to separate folders in the pathname. For a registry defined as:

   - Folder1
      - Folder2
         - MyParam

The pathname of the parameter will be:


Important notes

  • T5 Registry may be not available on some targets. Please refer to OEM instructions for further details about available features.

  • Warning: all parameter pathnames are case sensitive.

RegParGet: get the current value of a parameter

Q := RegParGet (PATH, DEF);

PATH : STRING  specifies the full pathname of the parameter in the registry
DEF : ANY     
default value to be returned if the parameter does not exist
Q : ANY       
current value of the parameter

Warning: the "DEF" input defines the actual type for "ANY" pins. If you specify a constant expression, it must be fully type-qualified according to the wished returned value. Example for getting a parameter as an INT:

    intVariable := RegParGet ('\MyParam', INT#0);

All pathnames are case sensitive.

RegParPut: change the value of a parameter

OK := RegParPut (PATH, IN);

PATH : STRING  specifies the full pathname of the parameter in the registry
IN : ANY      
new value for the parameter
OK : BOOL     
TRUE if successful

The function will returned FALSE in the following cases:

- the specified pathname is not found in the registry
- the registry is currently being saved and cannot be changed