Selecting variables and instances

Symbols of variables and instances are selected using the variable list, that can be used as the variable editor. Selecting variables is available from all editors:

- In FBD diagrams, double click on a variable box, a FB instance name, a contact or a coil to select the associated variable.
- In LD diagrams, double click on a contact, a coil or a block input or output to select the variable. Double click on the top of a FB rectangle to select an instance.
- In ST/IL texts, run the "Insert/Set Variable" in the "Edit" menu to select a variable and insert its name in the text.

When the variable editor is visible in the editor window, you can simply drag a variable from the list to the program to insert it.

When inserting a variable name manually, the Workbench automatically checks if it exists and if not, proposes you to declare it right now.