Drawing SFC divergences

When using the SFC editor, you just need to place items in the grid. The editor calculates and draws lines automatically to link steps, transitions and jumps you place in the chart.

The same method is used for drawing divergences: you just need to place the "corners" that identifies divergences, convergences and branches. The editor takes care of drawing vertical and horizontal lines. Use the following buttons in the SFC toolbar:

Insert the main (left side) corner of a divergence or convergence

Insert a divergence corner

Insert a convergence corner

Important note:

Divergences are always drawn from the left to the right. The first branch, on the left, contains the "corners" that identify the divergence. It must be aligned with the previous step or transition:  

How to proceed:

1- Insert the main corner (on the left side branch) of the divergence and the convergence
2- Insert corners at the top of each branch (divergence)
3- Insert corners at the bottom of the branches where a divergence is wished

Simple or double divergence lines:

You can change the drawing of a divergence or convergence horizontal line, for drawing simple or double lines according to SFC definition. To do that, move the selection on the main corner (on the left) and hit the SPACE bar.