Using the SFC toolbar

The vertical toolbar on the left side of the editor contains buttons for inserting items in the chart. Items are always inserted before the selected item. The chart is automatically re-arranged when a new item is inserted.

Insert an initial step

Insert a Step

Insert a transition

Insert a jump to a step

Insert the main (left side) corner of a divergence or convergence

Insert a divergence corner

Insert a convergence corner

Insert a macro-step

Insert the body of a macro-step

Use the following keyboard commands when an item is selected:

- ENTER: edit the level 2 of a step or transition
- Ctrl+ENTER: change the number of a step, transition or jump

The last button of the toolbar enables you to switch between possible displays:

Swap between possible overviews of level 2 in the level 1 chart:
- display code of actions and conditions
- display notes attached to steps and transitions