Function - Selects the active string table.


TABLE : STRING Name of the Sting Table resource - must be a constant
COL   : STRING Name of the column in the table - must be a constant


OK : BOOL      TRUE if OK


This function selects a column of a valid String Table resource to become the active string table. The LoadString() function always refers to the active string table.

Arguments must be constant string expressions and must fit to a declared string table and a valid column name within this table.

If you have only one string table with only one column defined in your project, you do not need to call this function as it will be the default string table anyway.

ST Language

OK := StringTable ('MyTable', 'FirstColumn");

FBD Language

LD Language

IL Language:

Op1: LD          'MyTable'
     StringTable 'First Column'
     ST          OK

See also

LoadString   String tables