Variable properties

The workbench enables you to embed in the application code extra information for each variable. Run the "Edit / Properties" when a variable is selected in the grid to edit its properties in a separate box. You also can set the "View / Properties" menu option to display variable properties in one more column in the grid.

Publishing properties

Select the "Publishing" tab to enter the pieces of information you want to embed in the target application and publish for extra embedded software. For each variable, you can embed:

- its symbol
- a numerical tag (a number between 1 and 65535)
- a profile name
- a list of OEM defined properties

The list of properties is entered in the grid at the bottom of the box, and corresponds to the selected profile. Refer to OEM instructions for further description of available profiles.

To change a value in the property list, double click on a line, or hit the first character of the value. Press ENTER to validate a value or ESCAPE to cancel the change.