Editing variables as XML tags

You can describe variable using a simple XML structure, where each variable is described as an XML tag. The file must fit the baisc XML syntax. Values of tag attributes mus be entered between double quotes. Characters < > " ' & are reserved to XML and cannot appear in values of tag attributes. Instead you should use the following sequences:

<  &lt;
>  &gt;
"  &quot;
'  &apos;
&  &amp;

Below is the tag structure for variable declaration:


(the "*" mark indicates that the tag can appear 0 or more times)

The rest of this page describes the format and meaning of each tag:


This tag must be entered at the top level and is unique. It is reserved for extensions (enhancement of the XML structure), and specifies the version of the syntax. Its attributes are:

version Reserved for future extensions.
This attribute is mandatory and must be be "1.0".

The <K5Project> tag contains one <vargroup> tag.


This tag must appear with the <K5Project>, and contains all <var> tags for variables of the group. In this version, the tag has no attribute (the name of the group is implicit)


This tag describes the basic definition of one variable. Its attributes are:

name Symbol of the variable.
This attribute is mandatory.
type Name of the data type of the variable
This attribute is mandatory
len Maximum length if the data type is STRING.
This attribute is mandatory for STRING variables, and should not appear for other data types.
dim Dimension(s) if the variable is an array.
There are at most 3 dimensions, seperated by comas.
This attribute is optionnal.
attr Attributes of the variable, separated by comas. Possible values are:
IN  : this is an INPUT parameter (for UDFBs only)
OUT  : this is an OUTPUT parameter (for UDFBs only)
external  : this is an external variable
constant  : variable is read only
This attribute is optional.
init Initial value of the variable
Must be a valid constant expression that fits the data type
This attribute is optionnal

The <var> tag contains zero or more <varinfo> tags.


This tag indicates an additional info for the variable it belongs to. Its attributes are:

type Type of information contained in the "data" attribute.
Possible values are:
tag  : variable tag (short comment)
desc  : description
profile  : name of the embedded profile
embed  : set of embedded properties
This attribute is mandatory.
data Data specified y the "type" attribute, in text format.
This attribute is mandatory