Cross references

The Cross Reference tools enable you searching for declared variables in the whole application. It can also be used as a powerful navigation tool for editing changes in the application programs.

The results of the search are displayed in the "Cross References" tab of the output window

Search in all programs:

Use the "Edit / Find / Find in Files" menu command to search for a text in all programs. The text is searched in all the programs of the project. Occurences are listed in the output window. You can double click on an occurrence to open the program at the appropriate location.

List unused variables:

Use the "Edit / Find / Unused variables" command to display the list of declared variables that are not used in the programs of the application. This command is particularly useful when cleaning a project.

List OEM library elements:

Use the "Edit / Find / OEM Library elements" command to list the I/O devices, functions and function blocks written in "C" that are used in your application.

Find / replace in all programs:

The "Edit / Replace in files" command enables you to replace a text in all the programs of the application. When running this tool, it makes a first scan and displays all the programs where the specified variables is used. Check the programs where you want to replace. Locations of each replaced text are listed in the output window.