zenOn Runtime connection configuration

The workbench supports the so called shared-memory-connection between zenOn and Runtime. 

Note: The zenOn Runtime connection may only be established once on a PC (even if more IEC or zenOn projects are running)!

To establish this connection please refer to the following topics:

Data exchange
Data types

Data exchange - configuration:

To establish the communication between zenOn and Runtime run the Fieldbus configuration using "Tools / Fieldbus Configuration" menu command from the main window. Then select the "IO Drivers" tab. Then run the "Edit / Insert configuration..." menu command in the Fieldbus configuration window and select "Runtime to zenOn RT connection":

The configuration is represented as a tree:

- Runtime to zenOn RT connection configuration
  - ... network (*)
    - ... node (*)
      - ... variable (*)

(*) The items are not available at the runtime to zenOn RT connection.

You can freely map a zenOn variable via "Additional settings / External settings / Externally visible"-check box (zenOn variable properties) to STRATON. The variable will appear with the "" sign in the variable grid. 

Note: The limit for this interface is 8000 variables


This driver does not need any configuration.

Data types:

All data types are allowed.