EdgeItem(lIndex As Long) As ALCEdge


lIndex As Long
Select one of the connected procedural elements. With the "EdgeCount" property you see how many elements are connected (counting starts at 0).


This method returns an object from type "ALCEdge". You have the opportunity to get one of the procedural elements which are connected to the node.


Sub EdgeItem()

Dim zAlcEngine As ALCEngine 'Object from type ALCEngine
Dim zAlcNode As ALCNode 'Child object from type ALCEngine
Dim zAlcEdge As ALCEdge 'Child object from type ALCEngine

'Get ALCEngine data from the project
Set zAlcEngine = thisProject.ALCEngine
'Get the first line element of the project
Set zAlcNode = zAlcEngine.NodeItem(0)

'Return the number of procedural devices which are connected to the node
MsgBox "Number of connected procedural elements = " & zAlcNode.EdgeCount
'Return one of the connected procedural elements
Set zAlcEdge = zAlcNode.EdgeItem(0)
'Return type of connected procedural element
If zAlcEdge.Type = 0 Then
MsgBox "Type = tpALCTypeNode"
ElseIf zAlcEdge.Type = 1 Then
MsgBox "Type = tpALCTypeSource"
ElseIf zAlcEdge.Type = 2 Then
MsgBox "Type = tpALCTypeSwitch"
ElseIf zAlcEdge.Type = 3 Then
MsgBox "Type = tpALCTypeSink"
ElseIf zAlcEdge.Type = 4 Then
MsgBox "Type = tpALCTypeTrafo"
ElseIf zAlcEdge.Type = 5 Then
MsgBox "Type = tpALCTypeLink"
End If

End Sub

See Also

ALCNode, ALCEdge