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The "Archive" object contains project information like the name, the source archive and other properties. The archive also is the basis for "ArchiveVariables" and "ArchiveFilters".

The "ArchiveVariables" object contains all archive variables. Each archive variable contains further projecting information.

With the "ArchiveFilters" object you can define and execute dynamic filters. In a filter you can define the variables from which you need the values. Additionally you can define the time period and the status. On executing the filter you get a list with all Runtime variables for that filter.


Cycle ID Identifier
Name Parent Type


ArchiveFilters ArchiveVariables BatchIndex[GET]
DynPropertiesEnum[GET] DynProperties[GET] DynProperties[PUT]
Start Stop  


Sub zenOn_Archive()
	Dim zArchive As Archive

	'Initialize zArchive with the first available archive
	Set zArchive = thisProject.Archives.Item(0)

	'If no archive is available ...
	If zArchive Is Nothing Then
		'... then inform the user
		MsgBox ("No archive available!")

	'Otherwise, output some details on the archive
		'Output the name
		Debug.Print "Name: " & zArchive.Name
		'Output the type
		Select Case zArchive.Type
			Case Is = 1
				Debug.Print vbTab & "Type: Cyclic scanning"
				'Output the cycle rate, if the archive is cyclic
				Debug.Print vbTab & "Cycle rate: " & zArchive.Cycle
			Case Is = 2
				Debug.Print vbTab & "Type: Event-triggered scanning"
			Case Is = 3
				Debug.Print vbTab & "Type: Spontaneous scanning"
		End Select
		'Output the term
		Debug.Print vbTab & "Term: " & zArchive.LongName
		'Output the ID
		Debug.Print vbTab & "ID: " & zArchive.ID
	End If
End Sub