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The object is a collection of all existing archives.

With the property "Parent" you come to the parent of the object. The parent of the Archives object is a Project. In the Project most of the modules are anchored.

With the property "Item" you can search for an archive. As search criteria you can enter the position of the archive in the list or the name.

With the property "Count" you find out the number of elements in the list. With a loop you then can iterate through all elements and e.g display them.


Count Parent  




Sub zenOn_Archives()
	Dim zProject As Project
	Dim zArchives As Archives
	Dim i As Integer

	'Initialize zProject with the current project
	Set zProject = thisProject
	'Initialize zArchives with the current "Archive" object collection
	Set zArchives = zProject.Archives

	'For every "Archive" object within the collection...
	For i = 0 To zArchives.Count - 1
		'... output the name ...
		Debug.Print i + 1 & ". Archive: " & zArchives.Item(i).Name
		'... and the name of the included variables
		Call zenOn_ArchiveVariables(zArchives.Item(i).ArchiveVariables)
	Next i

End Sub

Sub zenOn_ArchiveVariables(ByRef zArchiveVars As ArchiveVariables)
	Dim i As Integer

	'For every "ArchiveVariable" object within the collection...
	For i = 0 To zArchiveVars.Count - 1
		'... output the name of the variable
		Debug.Print vbTab & i + 1 & ". Var: " & zArchiveVars.Item(i).Name
	Next i

End Sub