DynProperties for subitem "XAxe"

MDI-Parameter 'ETM: X-Axe'

Name Type Description
BeginTime Long
Color Long Specifies the axis colour.

ATTENTION: Can be configured independently of the trend curve color.
DivCount Long Number of subdivisions between two main subdivisions (DynProperty "MainDiv").
DivLen Long Length of the main subdivision lines (DynProperty "MainDiv") in pixel.
EndTime Long
FirstOrd Long Position of the X-axis in the diagram (0=bottom, 100=top)
IsAutoScale Boolean Automatic setting of scaling and axis subdivision in online operation, if set TRUE.
IsExpScale Boolean Displays the value steps of the Y axis in exponential notation, if set TRUE. Otherwise (FALSE), the values are displayed in the conventional way.
IsFilterDlg Boolean
IsGrid Boolean Representation of help lines on the main subdivisions, if set TRUE.
IsLog Boolean Utilizes logarithmic division of the Y-axis, if set TRUE. Otherwise (FALSE), linear division of the Y-axis is used.
IsOwnArv Boolean
IsShow Boolean
IsTitelLeftBotton Boolean Position of the axis labelling:
TRUE → Bottom
LeftOffset Long
LogBotton Double
LogMainDiv Long
LogTop Double
MainDiv Long Number of main subdivisions of the axis with value indication.
MaxArv Long
OldDiff Double
OldMainDiv Long
RightOffset Long
TimeFilter SUBITEM
TimeOffset Float
Titel String Text of the axis labelling in online representation.