CreateDynProperty(bsPath As String) As Boolean


bsPath As String
Name of DynProperty to be created as string
not used


With the DynProperties "Variables" and "Actions" you have the opportunity to create a variable at an interlocking and to create an action at a command interlocking (special interlockings for zenOn Energy).


Sub Command_Interlockings()

Dim zInterlockings As Interlockings 'Object from type Interlockings
Dim zInterlocking As Interlocking   'Child object from type Interlocking

	'Load the available Interlockings
	Set zInterlockings = thisProject.Interlockings
	'Select a command interlocking
	Set zInterlocking = zInterlockings.Item("Verriegelung 1")
		'Create a "variable" at the command interlocking
		zInterlocking.CreateDynProperty ("Variables")
		'Allocate the first variable of the project variables list
		zInterlocking.DynProperties("Variables[0].Name") = thisProject.Variables.Item(0)
		'Create an "action" at the command interlocking
		zInterlocking.CreateDynProperty ("Actions")
		'The action should be from type "Double command"
		zInterlocking.DynProperties("Actions[0].Type") = 1
		'Set the "variable" via a string
		zInterlocking.DynProperties("Actions[0].TTA") = "switch_1"
		'Set the "switching direction" to ON
		zInterlocking.DynProperties("Actions[0].Direction") = 1
		'Set the "command setting status" to 1
		zInterlocking.DynProperties("Actions[0].CommandState") = 1
		'Set that CEL entries should be suppressed
		zInterlocking.DynProperties("Actions[0].CELBlock") = True
		'Set the "timeout" to 60 sec
		zInterlocking.DynProperties("Actions[0].Timeout") = 60
		'Set the edge "delay" to 2000 msec
		zInterlocking.DynProperties("Actions[0].EdgeDelay") = 2000
		'Read the "modifyable stati"
		Debug.Print zInterlocking.DynProperties("Actions[0].State")
		'Set the "nominal/actual value comparison" active
		zInterlocking.DynProperties("Actions[0].Actual") = True
		'Set the "menu specific picture" (menu type = commands) via a string
		zInterlocking.DynProperties("Actions[0].Picture") = "Picture 1"
		'Set the "close automatically" property active
		zInterlocking.DynProperties("Actions[0].CloseMDIWnd") = True
		'Set the "two-stage" property active
		zInterlocking.DynProperties("Actions[0].TwoLevel") = True
		'Set the "two-hand operation" property active
		zInterlocking.DynProperties("Actions[0].TwoHand") = True

End Sub

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