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The "RGMRecipeValue" object is utilized by the "RGMRecipe" object, in order to define the characteristics.


Parent VarName  


DynPropertiesEnum[GET] DynProperties[GET] DynProperties[PUT]


Name Type Description
Offset Long This property returns the offset for variables with an old-style array. It returns "-1" when a normal variable is used. "0" is the first element in the old style array.
SourceOffset Long this property returns the index of the old array when "link with PV" is used and the source variable has an old-style array. It returns "-1" in normal cases, where the source variable is a normal variable.
SourceVar ZT_VARIABLE This property returns the variable which is linked to the recipe variable when action type "Link to PV" is used.
StringValue String This property returns the project string when action type "user status" is used.
Type Long This property defines the action type on a recipe variable.

Type Value
No action 0
Switch to spontaneous value 1
Modify spontaneous value 2
Switch to and modify spontaneous value 3
Switch to alternate value 4
Modify substitute value 5
Switch to and modify alternate value 6
Switch off spontaneous value 7
Switch on spontaneous value 8
User status 10
Link to PV 9
Value Double This property returns the projected value when action type: "Modify spontaneous value", "Switch to and modify spontaneous value", "modify substitute value" or "Switch to and modify alternate value" is projected.
Variable ZT_VARIABLE This property returns the recipe variable.


Sub GetValuesOfRecipe(myRGMRecipe As RGMRecipe)
	Dim zRGM_Value As RGMRecipeValue
	Dim i As Integer

	'enum all values of the recipe
	For i = 0 To myRGMRecipe.ValueCount - 1
		Set zRGM_Value = myRGMRecipe.ValueItem(i)
		Debug.Print "Value: " & zRGM_Value.VarName & " = " & zRGM_Value.DynProperties("Value")
	Next i

End Sub