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This object is utilized by the "RGMRecipeGroup" object, in order to define which Variable is assigned to it.


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DynPropertiesEnum[GET] DynProperties[GET] DynProperties[PUT]


Name Type Description
Filter String The user-defined filter to which the recipe variable of the recipegroup belongs to.
Interlocking String The interlocking which is valid for the recipevariable of the group
Keyboard ZT_PICTURE The keyboard picture which should be shown for this recipe variable in the runtime, when the value is changed
Max Double This property returns the maximum value of the recipe variable.
Min Double This property returns the minimum value of the recipe variable.
Offset Long This property returns the offset for variables with an old-style array. It returns "-1" when a normal variable is used. "0" is the first element in the old style array.
Variable ZT_VARIABLE This property returns the recipe variable.
VisibilityVar ZT_VARIABLE The property "Visibility" of the active limit in the runtime for the variable linked here, defines if this recipevariable is displayed in the in the runtime for this group in the recipe group manager picture or not


Sub GetVariablesOfGroup(myRGMGroup As RGMRecipeGroup)
	Dim zRGM_Variable As RGMRecipeVar
	Dim i As Integer

	'enum all variables of the group
	For i = 0 To myRGMGroup.VariableCount - 1
		Set zRGM_Variable = myRGMGroup.VariableItem(i)
		Debug.Print "Variable: " & zRGM_Variable.Name
	Next i

End Sub