DynProperties for subitem "PictSwitch"

Funktionsparameter 'Bildumschaltung'

Name Type Description
CaseSensitive Boolean Indices substitution is case sensitive, if set TRUE.
IndexSubstitution SUBITEM Replaces the indices

Debug.Print zFct.DynProperties("PictSwitch.IndexSubstitution[-1]") 'Output the amount of substituted indices
Debug.Print zFct.DynProperties("PictSwitch.IndexSubstitution[0].Source") 'Access the name of the first variable
Debug.Print zFct.DynProperties("PictSwitch.IndexSubstitution[0].Destination") 'Name of the corresponding substitution variable
IndexVar SUBITEM Accesses the assigned variables for the index substitution.

Debug.Print zFct.DynProperties("PictSwitch.IndexVar[-1]") 'Amount of assigned variables 
Debug.Print zFct.DynProperties("PictSwitch.IndexVar[0].Title").Name 'Name of first variable
IsFilterRT Boolean Displays the picture selection dialog within the runtime, if set TRUE.
IsMonScroll Boolean Scrolls to the corresponding monitor on picture switch, if set TRUE.
Monitor Long Defines on which monitor the picture is displayed.

-2 → Relative to caller
 0 → Display 0 (default display)
 1 → Display 1 (only for multi-monitor projects)
... → etc.
Picture String Gets or sets the name of the switching picture.
ProjectName String Gets or sets the project name where the picture is defined.

Hint: The current project will be used, if this property is not specified.
SubstiFkt SUBITEM Function substitution

Debug.Print zFct.DynProperties("PictSwitch.SubstiFkt[-1]") 'Outputs the amount of substituted functions
Debug.Print zFct.DynProperties("PictSwitch.SubstiFkt[0].Source") 'Access the name of the first source function
Debug.Print zFct.DynProperties("PictSwitch.SubstiFkt[0].Destination") 'Name of the corresponding substitution function

SubstiVar SUBITEM Variable substitution

Debug.Print zFct.DynProperties("PictSwitch.SubstiVar[-1]") 'Outputs the amount of substituted variables
Debug.Print zFct.DynProperties("PictSwitch.SubstiVar[0].Source") 'Access the name of the first source variable
Debug.Print zFct.DynProperties("PictSwitch.SubstiVar[0].Destination") 'Name of the corresponding substitution variable

WndType Long Returns the picture type.