DynProperties for subitem "ExportStruct"

Funktionsparameter 'Daten exportieren'

Name Type Description
AppName String Specifies the name of the project.
FileName String Specifies the name of the file that should be exported.

ATTENTION: Only filnames with up to 8 characters are allowed.
Format Long Specifies the output format.

0 → dBase IV (*.DBF)
1 → XML (*.xml)
2 → ASCII (*.TXT)
InitVal Long For the HD values, a ring buffer is filled and stored.
  • Active (TRUE): The ring buffer is initialised for the export
  • Inactive (FALSE): The ring buffer is kept for the export
IsUniText Boolean Exports the file in unicode characters if set TRUE.

Hint: Only available for the ASCII export option specified by the "Format" DynProperty.
Type Long
Vars SUBITEM Creates, accesses and modifies the variables which should be exported. Returns a "Variable" object.

Hint: "ExportStruct.Vars[-1]" returns the amount of variables.

	'add variable...
	zFct.CreateDynProperty ("ExportStruct.Vars")
	lItem = CLng(zFct.DynProperties("ExportStruct.Vars[-1]"))
	Debug.Print "Count:" & lItem
	zFct.DynProperties("ExportStruct.Vars[" & lItem - 1 & "].Title") = zVar
	'enum variables...
	For i = 0 To lItem - 1
		Debug.Print i + 1 & ".Variable: " & zFct.DynProperties("ExportStruct.Vars[" & i & "].Title").Name
	Next i