SetValueWithStatusEx(TimeMilliSec As short,Status As Long,StatusExt As Long,Time As Long,Value As Variant)


TimeMilliSec As short
Milliseconds of time stamp for set value.
Status As Long
Lower 32 status bits.
For definition of Statis see StatusValue.
StatusExt As Long
Higher 32 status bits.
For definition of Statis see StatusValue.
Time As Long
Time stamp for set value.
Value As Variant
Set value as Variant.
not used


This method sets a value in combination with a status and a timestamp. The difference to the "SetValueWithStatus" method is that you have the opportunity to set statis which also use the higher 32 bits.


Sub SetValueEx()

Dim zVariables As Variables 'Object from type Variables
Dim zVariable As Variable 'Child object from type Variables

'Fill the objects
Set zVariables = thisProject.Variables
'Take the first variable
Set zVariable = zVariables.Item(0)
'Write value 10, set the lower 32 Bit 0, set the higher 32 Bit with 128 (State: Test bit), with the actual time and 333 ms onto the variable
zVariable.SetValueWithStatusEx 10, 0, 128, Now, 333

End Sub

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