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Blocked or locked elements

General lock of the Controls

Some requirements must be fulfilled to enable the unlock of the controls in the picture. As these requirements usually concern several Controls, they are not listed with the Control each time, but they are documented here.

All Controls except 'Exit' are locked when

The picture is not the owner of the active Select.


No interlocking was configured for the add-on variable.


The response variable does not exist.


The response variable has not received a value yet.


The status 'Select' of the response variable was not set.


An action for the action variable is running.


An action for the action variable is running.


The system is waiting for the SBO confirmation.


The data of the lock is being transmitted.


The data of the lock is invalid.


The status I-bit is active for the selected data point.

All Controls except 'Exit' and the controls for the lock are locked when:

One of the locking conditions of point 1 apply.


The response variable was locked against command inputs.


The status bit S_MERKER_1(0), i.e. the command lock, of the response variable was set.

Loading a picture with initial step 'Lock'

If the picture is loaded with the initial step 'Lock', all but the following controls are hidden in the picture:


RV identification

RV value

RV status

RV unit

Lock code

User identification

Execute lock