Step 13 - Schedule for Line I

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When we previously considered the facility's structure, we decided to deal with the temperature and lighting system in additional, lower-level schedules.

Thus, we shall now create the schedule for Line I. To do so, select the schedule Hall in the tree view. Open the context menu and select Create to activate the Schedule Properties dialog, as we have already discussed. The Name should be Line I, and we shall not add any variables to the contents already provided. This section will provide the opportunity to learn about the subsequent modification of variable and function links.

Select Line I in the new schedule and the variable list in the tree view. We link the variable Light i and Heating P I with the schedule via the context menu and Add variable.

When you select schedule Line I, all times defined in previous schedules are displayed on a grey background in the table. Times displayed on a grey background identify times that have been "inherited" from previously defined schedules. If a previously defined item is altered in the "parent" schedule, times in the "child" schedules will be updated automatically.

We shall now define the switching times for the Temperature and Lighting system elements. To do so, proceed as you did in the schedule Hall.