Step 18 - Using the PFS in the Runtime environment

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In the Runtime environment, the activated switching points are processed and executed second by second. This process begins when the Runtime environment is started up, and remains active until the Runtime environment is closed.

The PFS also enables you to proceed to the entire configuration within the Runtime environment, which differs only slightly from the Editor.

The main differences are as follows:

User rights for viewing, modifying, adding and deleting entries are active.

Context menu functions can be activated in the MDI window by means of switches.

The switching point preview mode displays user events with reference to the event's existing triggering times.

Saving a modified configuration activates these triggering times instantaneously.

For our Runtime environment tests, we will configure:

A starting picture using the picture type Standard.

A PFS picture using the picture type Production and Facility Scheduler.

In the PFS picture, the default objects.

In the start picture, a button which activates the "Picture: Switch to" function to switch over to the PFS picture. We shall not broach filter settings at this point.

In the start picture, several display fields, which will be used to display the variables' states.