Step 3 - Creating the equipment

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In this step, we will create a new equipment object, and configure it according to our requirements.

In this case, Hall I will be designated as the equipment, as this hall requires specifically designed models (refer to Time model object). Whenever several different models are required for one same calendar day, you will be required to divide a project into several different equipment objects.

Expand the main node Production & Facility Scheduler. You should now see 3 additional entries. Equipments, Events and Calendar.

Right-click on the Equipment entry to open the context menu, and click on the Create item. The Equipment settings page specific to the selected equipment is now displayed. The Name field remains empty, as we are creating a new equipment object.

Type Hall I in the Name field - i.e. the new equipment object's name. The equipment's designation (i.e. label) must be unique throughout the whole of the PFS environment. In this particular case, we are quite sure it is.

The Start of day (00:00:00) and End of Day (23:59:59) parameters can remain as such. These statements define the equipment's cycle for one full day.

Once you have made sure that the equipment designation is valid, click on OK to save these settings and create the new equipment.

You can now see a new entry has appeared under the Equipment header, called Hall I; this entry contains two further entries: Schedules and Time models.