Displaying templates in the template editor

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Templates can be opened in the template editor from the detailview resp. can be switched invisible for a better overview.

Drag&Drop Templates can be dragged to the template editor from the detailview. Templates can be removed from the template editor by dragging them somewhere outside of the template editor.

Properties: With the property 'Display in the template editor' the selected template can be switched visible or invisible.

info Info

A system menu or an alarm status line are taken into account in the template editor. This should avoid, that a template is positioned incorrectly and important information is overlapped in the Runtime. The alarm status line is displayed - just as in the Runtime - as a red bar at the top of the template editor.

Settings of the frame type (thin, bold) and the buttons (Min/Max) as defined in the template editor are not only displayed in the Runtime but also in the template editor.

A tooltip shows information about the selected template.