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The input mask List allows to format cells as combo boxes with pre-defined lists.

With the button New a new list is created.

Under Current entry two input fields are available:


Input of the text, as it should appear in the list in the Runtime.


Optional input of a code for sorting the list. If no code is entered, in the Runtime the list can either be sorted alphabetically or for the sequence, in which the entries have been created.

After the input the new entry can be saved in the list. This can be done with one of two buttons:


The entry is added to the list as the last entry.


The new entry is added to the list above the entry selected in the Current list:

The existing entries of a list are shown in the field Current list.

An existing entry can be deleted from the list by selecting it in the Current list and then pressing the button Delete.

An entire list can be deleted by selecting it and then pressing the button Delete.